Report by the Board of Directors

Environmental Factors

Bittiumīs business operations focus mostly on the design, assembly provided by the manufacturing partners and marketing of products. This represents only a minor part of the environmental impacts over the entire life cycle of the products. Products manufactured by the Company have only minor general environmental impacts.

Bittium Corporation renewed its global environmental management system certification according to ISO 14001.2015 standard in June 2016.  Company is monitoring globally the environmental requirements for products and derived national regulations to the extent that they are related to the company operations. Bittium has also observed and applied the requirements of the ROHS (use of hazardous substances) and WEEE (recycling of electrical and electronic equipment) directives in design since 2002. 

The applied environmental standards and regulations in company operations have been consolidated as uniform Bittium substance list, applicable also to Bittiumīs significant suppliers. The biannually updated substance list includes, in addition to the compliance of ROHS and REACH directives, the substance requirements applicable in different market areas against which identification of materials is made if needed. Further, materials declaration list observes certain customer specific requirements. 

Company has further updated the requirements on a biannual basis and applied the proper environmental requirements to the products or solutions, in which Bittium has partial or total responsibility depending on the application scope during 2016. The imposed requirements will be observed in business operations on a country-specific basis.

Bittium has continuously further developed company environmental reporting, based on which the 2016 environmental objectives have been followed. Company finalized its Energy Efficiency System implementation according to EES+ (ETJ+) standard to complement certified ISO 14001 system. Bittium received certification for Energy Efficiency System (EES+) in June 2016. During 2017, Bittium will develop further environmental reporting related to sustainability reporting requirements. In addition, company is seeking for opportunities to improve energy efficiency of the new Oulu site, which is under construction.